Friday, 16 January 2009


I only went out in the rain
She nudged me and pointed
Whispering, it’s happened again
It’s the umbrella that’s meant to up

I could only feel my cheeks blush
As I look down, he’s looking up
And the wife’s trying to hide it in a rush,
What if? The neighbours should see

You know you’ll need to see the doc
And yes. I know it will be hard
Just say, i got a problem with my cock
No matter where, when or why it gets erect

(At the Doc’s)

For this problem of mine doc, is there a cure
Well maybe, but it will need an examination
There’s a word I can’t think of that you need to endure?
Come back later when I can get my mouth around it

© Judie Gelling 2008, all rights reserved.